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Please email all adoption applications to us or drop them off at our shelter. If we are not there, you may drop the application off in the mail slot in the door to the left of our main door (any day except for Wednesday. Applications left on Wednesdays will most likely get lost). We also have physical applications located at the shelter.


FaceBook @animalcarecouncil & Instagram @animalcarecouncilshelter are the best way to stay updated with what current kitties are up for adoption! Please keep in mind we do not post pictures of every cat. If you are looking for a specific type of kitty, please let us know. Each cat has had the following completed if they are old enough:

  • been tested for FIV/FELV

  • had at least their first distemper shot

  • had their rabies 

  • been spayed or neutered 

Adoption fee is $85 for kittens ($50 goes toward the adoption and $35 goes towards getting the kitten fixed at our clinic or your vet) and $60 for adults. Under certain circumstances for unfixed cats, we may ask you to pay for the neuter or spay upfront (as well as the adoption fee). If you have questions about a cats personality, feel free to message us on FaceBook or email us at

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